Fee Reduction on Chinese Patent and Trademark

From 1st, July, below Chinese applicant is able to request for Patents Official Fee Reduction:

  1. The individual applicant whose the average monthly income was less than 3,500 yuan (42,000 yuan per year), and the monthly average income was adjusted to less than 5,000 yuan (60,000 yuan per year).
  2. The Company applicant whose taxable income of the enterprise in the previous year was less than 300,000 yuan, and the taxable income of the enterprise in the previous year was adjusted to less than 1 million yuan.


Also, there is a huge change in Chinese Trademark particularly in renewal and recordal of change.

  1. The official fee of renewal will be changed from CNY 1000(appro. USD160) to CNY 500(appro. USD80).
  2. The official fee of recordal of change will be changed from CNY250(appro.USD40) to CNY150(appro. USD25), if this request is submitted online, the official fee will be free.
  3. The other official of registration, assignment, license,etc will be reduced to 90% of present official fee. e.g offciial fee of registraion is CNY300(appro USD50) before 1st July, then it will be changed to CNY270(appro USD45) after 1st July.2019.

New official Fee List (Valid after 1st July 2019.)


Official Fee (USD)

Filing( with no more than 10 goods in one class)


Each additional good after 11th


Recordal of Change






Request for Re-Examination


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